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Gold Web Health Award for

Recognition for the team who worked hard on

With great pleasure, we heard we got the gold medal for, a portal dedicated to HCPs only and where we tried to make something different regarding user experience.

It is time to celebrate as this is, of course, not a one-person show. We had help from our agency, Caravan Production, Langland, Pulse Digital and Kainjoo Astate Creative.

The vision behind the product

If you pay attention, the website is not just a product website. It is a style declaration for a new class of molecules, and we wanted everyone to feel this.

We got inspired by the fashion industry with their codes as our end users were HCPs having OBGYN women as patients.

We wanted to convey that they are providing care and a profound restoration of the self-esteem of what makes these women what they are: strong, fighting and resilient.

What’s next? A direct-to-the-patient campaign 

That was stage 1. Our next level is to connect this initiative from a branding perspective to the consumer and patient side of the business. With this ecosystem in place, we truly believe the brand has an online landscape respecting the values, essence and tonality of what we strategically envisioned.

Haider Alleg
Haider Alleg
Entrepreneur Haider developed a toolbox for bringing brand performances to life, helping organisations of various shapes and sizes navigate the unknown and generate growth. This led him to build Kainjoo in 2012, a fast-growing consulting firm supporting ambitious leaders from top 500 Fortune companies. With Allegory Capital, he supports regulated industries to innovate through portfolios of emerging tech and channels.

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