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Haider Alleg, writer at Ecom Geneva 2013 ed.

For the eCom 2013 edition, I had the honour to write the leaflet to give a window into what the pharmaceutical industry is going through.

Three trends in digital marketing that are making waves in the pharmaceutical industry:

  1. Multichannel marketing in a highly regulated environment

One of the regulators’ priorities imposes the ability to adapt communication according to the target and country. This principle, too well implemented by some laboratories, has somewhat distorted the fundamental question of the use of digital channels. The approach through the tool is no longer the right one. We will no longer speak of support to create but of the service or content that could interest the patient or the doctor and follow them where they are.

  1. Closed loop marketing: definition and application

A definition could be the use of tablet applications that include the medical visit and optimize the delivery of the appropriate message to the right target at the right time. This optimization of sales messages, in the form of dynamic scenarios and adaptable at any time, is called “Close Loop Marketing” or CLM.

  1. The rise of content marketing

The rise of content marketing focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. This type of marketing is particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, where the rules of engagement are complex and constantly evolving.

Haider Alleg
Haider Alleg
Entrepreneur Haider developed a toolbox for bringing brand performances to life, helping organisations of various shapes and sizes navigate the unknown and generate growth. This led him to build Kainjoo in 2012, a fast-growing consulting firm supporting ambitious leaders from top 500 Fortune companies. With Allegory Capital, he supports regulated industries to innovate through portfolios of emerging tech and channels.

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