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Interview par EMJ | Défiler dans l'ère des influenceurs


Whether it is your brand or your business: you want to influence. Social media naturally comes to mind as an amplification box to get this visibility and impact. 

Before jumping on this train, like what I shared in this interview from EMJ, it is essential to note that influence could be mechanically built and naturally driven. 

What’s for sure, it impacts our HCPs’ behaviours to stick to a drug prescription or a patient to adhere to treatment correctly.

Mastering the art of building and nurturing influence, and using social media as a tool, is a way to build outstanding leadership in communities you might not have even heard of before.

Please look at the article and feel free to come back here to ask questions I’d be delighted to answer.

Haider Alleg
Haider Alleg
Entrepreneur Haider developed a toolbox for bringing brand performances to life, helping organisations of various shapes and sizes navigate the unknown and generate growth. This led him to build Kainjoo in 2012, a fast-growing consulting firm supporting ambitious leaders from top 500 Fortune companies. With Allegory Capital, he supports regulated industries to innovate through portfolios of emerging tech and channels.

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