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Hacking Health Camp 2020

The biggest Hackathon in Europe

Coming from Strasbourg, it is an absolute delight to see innovation coming from the region that saw me grow up. I had the privilege to share my vision at Ferring on how we structured ourselves as partners, open to working with an external ecosystem of innovators.

I genuinely believe that if a company needs to transform quickly, we can’t just wait for change to happen from the inside. The questions asked during the keynote also reflected that as much as you want to hire or bring external people in, it is ok for a quick fix, but what you wish to do is disrupt your people to be innovative.

The culture of a company to embrace change is critical. 

The second aspect is data. I was here sharing again that you don’t need to own data and, more importantly, understand what you need it for in the first place.

Only when these questions get answers can you imagine bringing new business models to the table.

With this, I hope the session was helpful. I welcome feedback, as always.

Haider Alleg
Haider Alleg
Entrepreneur Haider developed a toolbox for bringing brand performances to life, helping organisations of various shapes and sizes navigate the unknown and generate growth. This led him to build Kainjoo in 2012, a fast-growing consulting firm supporting ambitious leaders from top 500 Fortune companies. With Allegory Capital, he supports regulated industries to innovate through portfolios of emerging tech and channels.

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